An Open Network for Artificial Intelligence

By Clark

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is undoubtedly a promising and emerging sector. As a whole, this industry is driving the power of advanced machines to process and facilitate critical information more accurately and efficiently, in turn, improving decision-making processes. As this space keeps growing, one project has taken the initiative to incorporate blockchain into the mix, taking things to the next level.

This project is AIWORK, a new and revolutionary blockchain network operating through AI and real human experts. While AI improves the standardization and efficiency, the human experts help develop, verify, and validate the AI data to make it more useful in its overall application.

So what makes AIWORK such a unique project and ecosystem? And, why is it making waves in the blockchain industry? Let’s explore some of the reasons why in more detail.


Both blockchain and AI on their own are extremely powerful forces. Until now, they’ve primarily operated separately. AIWORK is building an ecosystem that merges the blockchain’s immutability, security, and impressive record-keeping features with AI’s machine decision-making abilities to unleash an exemplary product and protocol.

With these two technologies now working in tandem, AIWORK enables far more accurate and useful transcriptions and translations for content owners and distributors. A network of AI scans videos on a scene-by-scene basis, and human experts verify the metadata. Developers can also build their own dApps (decentralized applications) on the protocol.

Beyond the content production side, AIWORK enables consumers to find better results. AIWORK helps online video platforms create more consistent metadata, in turn allowing users to return more accurate search results. By making it much easier for subscribers to search for and locate the desired content, all parties benefit.

AI synthesized with human verification ensures stronger and more reliable data as a whole. The ultimate goal for the network is to create an open, community-based ecosystem where users and customers can thrive via a wide array of benefits.

Key Parties Involved

To keep the ecosystem running and provide services on the network, several key parties are involved.

First are job requestors, who are responsible for submitting jobs to the human expert community. In essence, they represent buyers who kickstart the data verification process on the protocol’s marketplace, assigning jobs and tasks to human experts and validators.

Second, there are human experts, who provide an extra layer of checks to the protocol. These individuals execute tasks to verify the AI’s data output, while also providing additional metadata, ensuring a high degree of accuracy.

Lastly, there are validators, who help verify the work of the human experts within the protocol by assessing the quality of the tasks they’ve conducted. These actors are essential to maintaining the underlying network by facilitating a trust-based system.

Together, all three of these actors make up the end-to-end processes that make the AIWORK protocol so useful and unique.


$AWO, the AIWORK native token, plays an essential role in managing and keeping the ecosystem afloat. Job requestors are required to pay for the services of human experts and validators in $AWO tokens. This establishes the token as the currency of the ecosystem.

Human experts receive $AWO as rewards for completing tasks on the network, as long as the tasks are of high caliber. Furthermore, validators need to stake $AWO tokens in order to help provide consensus for the network and validate tasks.

The AIWORK token is therefore not only an asset with the potential to grow in value given the protocol’s promising future, but also as the mechanism that helps drive and coordinate efforts to enrich metadata for online video content.


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