Best Cryptocurrency Wallets of 2018

By Prashant Jha

There are several steps to undertake as you prepare for your first major crypto investment and one integral part of it is knowing what wallet you will store your crypto holdings in. If you cannot choose between hardware and paper wallets (and the several other options), you must first have a look at our article:

Online or Offline: How Should You Store Your Bitcoins?

That way, you will have a basic idea regarding choosing the best crypto wallet for yourself from this varied list of options we give you. Let us now have a look at the best crypto wallets of 2018, the ones that have made a mark and earned the trust of customers.

1. Ledger Nano S

The Ledger Nano S finds its way to every top crypto wallet list because of its sheer quality and reliability. It is a hardware wallet based in OLED technology. It looks like a USB drive and is extremely easy to use. Priced at about $99, this wallet is worth every penny you pay because it not only can be connected to your devices to make storage convenient and simple, it also hosts a small display screen to show you tour transaction in real-time. Secured with a password, this incredible wallet ensures thieves can never break into the wallet and steal your coins. Moreover, its automated backup also allows for smooth recovery in the event of a loss or misplacement. What’s more, Ledger Nano S can store 26 types of coins and is constantly attempting to add more and more coins to the roster.

2. Trezor

Trezor is a very well-known hardware wallet that, like Ledger Nano S, resembles a USB device. It is secured by pin protection and supports several cryptocurrencies, obviously including Bitcoin and about 15 more in total. In case you lose this cryptocurrency wallet, fret not. Trezor offers you a recovery seed option that can help you revive your lost cryptocurrencies. All in all, this serves as a great option for you if you are using one of the more popular coins in the market.

3. Coinomi

This is a mobile wallet option. With this, you get a chance to explore the world of wallets beyond just hardware wallets. If you are looking to save your money in storage and have small crypto holdings, Coinomi is the best choice for you. Using the supremely smooth and easy-to-use interface, you can trade on over 70 different cryptocurrencies. The common coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum are obviously present, in addition to cryptocurrencies like Litecoin or Dogecoin as well. It offers rather strong security features you can rely on to store your crypto.

4. Exodus

This is an option from the desktop-based wallets in the market. From this category, Exodus has performed pretty well this year. An easy-to-use interface, a light storage of the blockchain and yet a full-control over your crypto assets. Transactions are made extremely easy to execute with this wallet.

5. Ledger Blue

If you have enough cash to shell out, and you want a classy design with the advantage of robust security, look no further than the Ledger Blue. The makers of Ledger Nano S have come up with this interesting new offering that has a lightweight wallet, a tablet-like appearance geared towards both security and entertainment, and a sharp Bluetooth connectivity. Its flexibility in moving from one crypto coin to another, and ability to connect with various apps makes it a game-changer, with its high probe being the only deterrent to us grabbing one right now.

Going for one of the wallets does help you take care of your security needs to a great extent. However, you must not leave all of it to the pins and passwords of your wallets. You too know how to secure crypto wallets to maximize the security.

Prashant Jha

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