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C-Buzz Khushboo Chadda 486

SARS To Track Tax Returns on Crypto Transactions

BTC Wires: The South African Revenue Service (SARS) is now attempting to enhance the process of tracking…

C-Buzz Khushboo Chadda 120

Blockchain Implementation Discussed at the 10th BRICS Summit

BTC Wires: An association of state-owned development banks has embarked on a mission to study blockchain technology…

Round The Block Khushboo Chadda 60

Ethereum-Based Payments Trial Succeeds in South Africa

The South African Reserve Bank’s Project Khokha has turned out to be a striking success. The project…

Round The Block Raghav Sawhney 65

Bitcoin Demand by South African Kidnappers

The world is a strange place and stranger things keep happening every day. Who would have thought…