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C-Buzz Ravindra Chagetha 188

Alibaba to Eliminate Third-Party from its Payment Procedure

As per a new patent filing, the famous Chinese e-commerce company, Alibaba is considering the use of…

C-Buzz Sumedha Bose 375

Pornhub Adds two Other Cryptos to its Payments Option

Pornhub is a popular adult entertainment website, It recently announced that it will accept two other cryptocurrencies…

C-Buzz Kapil Gauhar 283

Expedia Removes Bitcoin Payment Option from Its Payment Portal

Abruptly and without much explanation, the well know travel giant has stopped accepting Bitcoin as one of…

Round The Block Khushboo Chadda 159

Ethereum-Based Payments Trial Succeeds in South Africa

The South African Reserve Bank’s Project Khokha has turned out to be a striking success. The project…