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C-Buzz Kapil Gauhar 219

MasterCard Applies for Public Blockchain Patent

Blockchain integration is finally permeating into the mainstream – attracting even the giant corporations as a solution…

Round The Block Sumedha Bose 27

Brit Firm Trademarks Bitcoin. Threatens To Sue Merchandiser

After the rise of Bitcoin to fame in recent years, a lot of Bitcoin(BTC) themed merch has…

C-Buzz Badri Vishal Mishra 24

Bank of America Patents Blockchain security tools

With all the hype surrounding blockchain and all the different countries trying to one-up each other, it…

Round The Block Kapil Gauhar 25

Walmart Files Patent for Blockchain-Based Customer Marketplace

Walmart has started to foresee the future and one of their recent innovations is extremely appreciable. The…