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C-Buzz Kapil Gauhar 763

Announcement: Lykke Exchange Now Supports NEM (XEM) Token

Lykke is a Switzerland-based bitcoin and blockchain asset exchange that recently made an announcement that it has…

C-Buzz Debarun Gupta 1426

NEM Almost Bankrupt, Plans Layoffs and Pivot

Community-funded nonprofit foundation NEM, a company designed to promote the NEM Blockchain, is planning layoffs across its entire…

Glossary Kapil Gauhar 1058

Platforms Review: Where ICO Tokens Can Be Issued

One may have to make many critical decisions while getting ready to kick-off the project’s ICO campaign.…

Analysis Ravindra Chagetha 223

Cardano, Bytecoin, Nem Hit. Steem & Syscoin Trade High

BTC Wires- Coming in hot from the crypto market, it seems that Cardano, ByteCoin and Nem has…