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Block-O-Pedia Khushboo Chadda 131

CogX ’18: Blockchain Plus AI. What Could Be Done Today?

Today, blockchain platforms are trying to get to the point where they can work reliably for human-driven…

Block-O-Pedia Khushboo Chadda 173

CogX: A Token Powered Disruption

CogX ‘18:  Talking about what the AI industry could do with IoT and autonomous machines. On the…

C-Buzz Ravindra Chagetha 2579

CogX2018: What You Can’t Afford to Miss on Day 2

With 4,000 attendees and 300 speakers across 5 main stages, CognitionX(CogX) 2018 kickstarted today in a grand…

C-Buzz Khushboo Chadda 822

Jeremy Millar @ CogX ’18

Representing ConsenSys at CogX 2018, chief of staff Jeremy Millar’s presentation said B2C models are demonstrating potential…