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Block-O-Pedia Sumedha Bose 336

Pros & Cons of Bitcoin Gold

Have you ever caught yourself wondering if Bitcoin Gold is a good investment to make in 2018…

Analysis Rushali Shome 795

What is The Future of Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold?

Ever since Bitcoin was launched as a successful form of peer-to-peer, decentralized currency almost a decade ago,it…

Round The Block Chetna Phour 521

Is Bitcoin Gold A Good Choice To Invest In 2018?

As the popularity of digital assets is increasing, the cryptocurrency market has become crowded with numerous tokens…

C-Buzz Khushboo Chadda 32

ZenCash Attack Proves Consensus Can Be Cheated

Another 51% attack where one person or party controls 51% of the hash rate, has followed the…

C-Buzz Kapil Gauhar 36

Bitcoin Gold Hacked with 51% Attack

The dreaded 51% attack has hit the BTC alternative Bitcoin Gold, resulting in a slight drop in…