Blockchain Bite: Coinbase, Oracle, Bidooh and Lightening Powered Private Messages

By Rajat Gaur

A little-known technology startup has become part of China’s Blockchain-based Service Network which is an internet platform to have geo-political consequences. Recently Roger Ver is rumoured to be in acquisition talks with the bitcoin startup Purse whereas Gun Sirer expected to bring decentralized finance.

A little-known company with more than 100 employees called Red Date as a crucial player in the development of China’s Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN), which is a government supported initiative which was officially scheduled to conduct on Saturday. The BSN is a state-run platform having a potential geopolication. This company offers the infrastructure for developers to build blockchain applications. Red Date is the technical designed network. This company is among three founding companies that have roughly invested 200 million yuan along with BSN and cut deals to use two Amazon Web Services data centers in China.

The former CEO and CTO of Bidooh, a Ethereum-based advertising company have confirmed all the claims they copied proprietary software for use in a new rival venture, misuse of confidential information. Bidooh is a digital advertising company that enables companies to broadcast customized ads to any walking past their interactive billboards.

Coinbase recently revealed a data feed for cryptocurrency prices, pulling data from Coinbase Pro on the exchange rates for both bitcoin and ether against the U.S. dollar. This Oracle can pair with other feeds for use by DeFi projects to carry out functions such as collateral liquidations, derivatives, margin trading, and lending. Coinbase is one among the largest firms in the industry and it outcompetes other oracle services like Chainlink.

Since March 11, 2020, Bitcoin is rolling at the highest price as the day before the “Black Thursday”. When bitcoin witnessed a sudden wall by 39% amid both digital and traditional financial markets as the disastrous economic toll of COVID-19.

Prices found a floor at the 50-day moving average around $6,800, breached a resistance level at $7,300 and appeared on track to leverage toward the 150-day moving average around $7,800.

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