BitMEX Donates $2.5 Million Towards COVID-19 Crisis

By Rajat Gaur

BitMEX exchange is one of the recently launched crypto-centric entities that donates to several organizations and gives support with COVID-19 pandemic.

On April 20,2020, the operator of BitMEX made an announcement for the donation that they are committed to thoughtful grantmaking and making sure that their actions during the COVID-19 pandemic can create the biggest impact at present and in future both. They have decided to make grants with the total amount of $2.5 mion to four major organizations that are already making a tangible difference in tackling COVID-19 and mitigating global catastrophic biological risks. The four organizations include the two Gates Philanthropy Partners COVID-19 Funds, Dr. Beth Cameroon’s The Nuclear Initiative, Our World in Data and OpenMined.

Furthermore, HDR Global Trading has released the COVID-19 Response Fund and have decided to donate worth $2.5 million for the fight against COVID-19.

This is a sudden crisis which has taken place from the month of February across the globe. To win over this crisis, it requires global efforts. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all the businesses have majorly done the efforts to slow the spread of the virus, there are precautions taken by the people, and every individual is staying home and following the rules of government. As there are huge numbers coming in graphs regarding the positive cases, with the support of people and government every individual is pulling out to turn the graphs into the minimum cases.

This is to fight against the globe and COVID-19. Scientists are closely monitoring to hunt a coronavirus vaccine and crypto companies are contributing via philanthropy. According to the BitMEX, directed funds can fill gaps in the global response and well-equipped it.

Most of the companies in the crypto industry have helped with the donation to fight against coronavirus. Case in point, Binance pledged $1 million through the campaign of #CryptoAgainstCOVID-19. Ripple helped with a donation of $200,000. Moreover, Stellar Development Foundation donated 1.9 million in XML that aid in coronavirus fight.

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