CURES Token: Empowering Healthcare Stakeholders

By Mallika jain

The rising cost of healthcare services has become a matter of concern.Currently, in many countries, the healthcare cost has even exceeded theincrease in GDP and revenue from taxes which fund healthcare. This kindof situation is not sustainable for a long time. According to recent researchconducted by the Organization for Economic Cooperation andDevelopment (OECD), without adequate reforms, healthcare services willbecome unaffordable for over half of the global population by mid-century.

CURES token is designed to address this problem by decentralizing healthcare system, empowering patients, medical service providers, health appdevelopers, and equipment suppliers. CURES token has plans to embraceemerging blockchain technology to reduce costs and maximize scarceresources within the healthcare sector. Blockchain technology in thehealthcare industry will help to create near virtual competition andcapitalizing on synergy which will add value to all relevant stakeholders.

Security Token Offering (STO)

Amongst the six platforms, EHR is the most important. Presently CURESToken team is preparing to initiate an STO in order to boost thedevelopment process of EHR platform. This STO also aims to extend profitearning opportunities to the investors by enabling them to claim shares ofthe company and future business profits. Profits rewarded to the tokenholders will be a part of dividend and potential capital gain as a result ofbusiness growth. By extending a decentralized approach, the ecosystemintends to address the challenges associated with rising healthcare costs.

What CURES token is offering?

CURES token has the vision to engage and empower every individual bydecentralization of the existing healthcare system. CURES token believesthat the ecosystem will not only individuals will get benefited but also allthe stakeholders of the healthcare industry will be empowered throughvarious facets of the system including:

Easy Accessibility to Medical Services

A centralized system deals with many inefficiencies like bureaucracy,inadequate medical insurance, lack of transparency, etc. CURES Token is aglobal project which aims to eliminate the long waiting times and risks ofcontracting diseases.

Reducing Costs

Cross border payments are often a matter of concern because ofexchange rate risks and transaction costs. However, when the payment isin one currency it removes the exchange rate risk and because of theblockchain technology, there will be no need of intermediaries such asbanks so the transaction cost will also be minimized. Additionally, CUREStoken electronic health record will also be maintained digitally and accesswill be given to the appropriate professionals for a second opinion,consultation etc. It will reduce the cost not only for the patients but alsofor the healthcare service providers for example administration costs.

Perfect Competition

Blockchain technology will encourage patients and clinics to be in directcontact with each other. The patient will post requirement and then thesystem will contact the clinics which undertake the required work.Likewise, the clinics will also be able to promote their services through thecomprehensive search system. So the patients will be able to select theservices at a preferential rate.

Maximizing scare resources

CURES token has plans to offer transferable future contracts so the clinicswill be able to outsource these contracts to other clinics that which canperform the tasks in a more efficient manner. The patients will also beable to sell these contracts or transfer them to their family and friends.

Security Threats

Security issues are a growing concern in the global healthcare system.Every year the loss associated with healthcare fraud reaches Billions ofdollar. By integrating blockchain and smart contract, CURES Tokenmaintain records in a transparent manner. Once the data is recorded in ablock it is irreversible.

CURES token

CURES token is a standard ERC-20 Ethereum based token. The networkoffered 175 million CURES tokens with a soft cap value of 2000 ETH andhard cap value of 175000 ETH. The distribution of the CURES token is asfollows:20% – Future development25% – Team and advisors5% – Airdrops5% – Charitable trust fund10% – Token left for retail price sale after the initial token offering (ITO)

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