Nobel-Winning Economist Thomas J. Sargent Joined SelfSell’s Global Roadshow 2018

SelfSell, an innovation brand that strives to become a NASDAQ based on human as assets, announced the launching of its 2018 Global Roadshow. The project team has the honor to have invited the Nobel Prize winning economist Thomas J. Sargent to the tour at its first stop in London.

The project strives for building a platform between investors and investees. It takes the essence of investment closer to home by encouraging the appreciation of human potentials and creativity. The platform allows everyone to self-estimate a future value and sell portions of it to potential investors. An individual’s value is now transformed into a circulating share – just like in a stock market, and the only obligation left is long term paying off within the smart contracted time limit.

With its brand new investment philosophy, SelfSell has received extensive public attention and triggered a wide range of discussions on value of investment since its recent launch in late 2017. Thomas J. Sargent currently holds the pivotal teaching position in International Economics at New York University. His support of SelfSell’s business model and his contribution to the Roadshow will greatly help the project in finding its future direction of advancements. The Roadshow hopes to promote SelfSell’s expansion of its global market and attract more people to join the platform.



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