Zoom Acquires Keybase to Fix Security Issues

By Rajat Gaur

Giant players in the video conferencing segment, Zoom is looking forward to acquiring the secure messaging and file-sharing service keybase. According to the source it has been confirmed that the company will provide Zoom end-to-end encryption that can measure and come up with high demand for enterprises and regular users video chatting with colleagues, friends, and family. The purpose for this acquisition is Zoom’s 90-day plan addressing issues on the platform and removing the crashers known as “Zoom bombers”.

Zoom acclaimed that the executions made for end-to-end encryption, are believed to be in the private form of online communication, to stop third parties from intercepting calls, videos, and text messages. With the use of Zoom skyrocketed during the pandemic it also became clear that the firm is providing less security form of encryption.

To bring back the user-base, Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom asserted that they will be working with Keybase and make the platform far more secure and protected for the users.

He stated that the purpose behind this acquisition is to build advanced security and fix the issues of the protection which were a big problem for Zoom. Now to achieve the creation of the video calls and texts will completely be private and can scale hundreds of participants.

This end-to-end encryption feature will be released on May 22nd. It will be all over in the market, the user needs to update the application and they are good to use the update at best.

The company is looking forward to the feedback from cryptographic experts and customers before the release of the feature.

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