Winklevoss Twins Said: Bitcoin a Privet Contrary To Elon Musk Mining Asteroid Gold,

By Ritwik

The Winklevoss Twins seemingly think that space mining is just around the bend. The Winklevoss Twins recommended that Bitcoin (BTC) is a healthier investment than gold for the reason that the metal’s supply will upsurge after Elon Musk initiates mining asteroids. In an interview with internet personality & Barstool Sports founder David Portnoy, the Winklevoss Twins held that Bitcoin is a healthier investment than gold because gold does not have a static amount:

“There’s billions of dollars of gold floating in asteroids around this planet, & Elon [Musk] is gonna get up there & start mining gold. […] That’s why gold is a problem because the supply isn’t fixed like Bitcoin.

Portnoy sensibly questioned, “Is that, like, a real statement?” to which the founders of Gemini cryptocurrency exchange responded, “yeah.” To supplementary reiterates the idea that gold is lesser to Bitcoin, one of the twins held that “gold is for boomers,” totaling that Bitcoin is “the only fixed asset in the galaxy.

Space mining isn’t a new idea; in fact, Planetary Resources firm planning to mine asteroids for profit founded in 2016 has so far raked in $50.3 million according to company data website Crunchbase. As stated at the close of 2018, the firm was later attained by Ethereum-focused blockchain firm Consensys.

Few forecast that with additional growth of space travel expertise, we could soon realize a new space race between private companies that are beholding to mine minerals in space. CNBC recommended in May 2018 that resources lying in the belt of asteroids between Mars & Jupiter grasp “wealth equivalent to about $100 billion for every individual on Earth.

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