U.S. Officials Seek Claimants Against The Holdings Of CoinGather Seized In 2018

By Kapil Gauhar

U.S. authorities are looking for individuals who may have claims against the holdings of CoinGather, a cloud cryptocurrency exchange seized in 2018.

The cryptocurrency exchange was seized back in March 2018, a move that came a very long time after the exchange reportedly went offline and its chairmen vanished – activities fueling the conviction that an exit scam had occurred. As Bitcoin.com noted in a November 2017 report, the cryptocurrency exchange was little volume-wise (under $100,000, as indicated by CoinMarketCap information at that point).

In any case, social media proof proposed that the crypto exchange had probably a few customer – and now, the U.S. Department of Justice is attempting to find those conceivably affected by the closure.

As indicated by an April 29 post –

“The United States is seeking to forfeit any and all cryptocurrency or other digital assets contained in virtual currency wallets residing on the Dell PowerEdge Server, serial number JNFHSW1. These wallets were accessible through the ‘CoinGather’ cryptocurrency exchange, previously available online at www.coingather.com. If you were a registered CoinGather user with cryptocurrency in a CoinGather wallet on November 21, 2017, you may have a valid claim.”

A warrant of arrest coordinated at the server, data April 15, doesn’t unveil how much money the government is really hoping to relinquish. However, as far as the planning for potential petitioners, the warrant notes –

“Kindly be prompted that on the off chance that you need to turn into an inquirer in this activity, you should record a case inside thirty five (35) days after the date this notification was sent to you, which is demonstrated on the encased endorsement of administration; and a response to the Complaint for Forfeiture, or Rule 12 movement, inside twenty-one (21) days after the documenting of your case.”

Kapil Gauhar

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