The First E-Government Blockchain Platform Launched in China’s Anhui

By Kapil Gauhar

The first E-Government blockchain platform has finally been launched in Anhui, which is the 8th most crowded region in China with more than 62 million people living there. Anhui is likewise part of China’s Yangtze River Delta Region, home to Shanghai and center point of the nation’s worldwide financial prominence. The new framework will reveal a few services, reports

As a major aspect of the Yangtze River Delta Region, Anhui has a place with the world’s 6th biggest economic center. The local government expects to assemble an expansive system that can coordinate information across regions and departments for improving business joint efforts.

The blockchain-based activity is a part of President Xi Jinping’s order for state and local authorities to harness the power of the technology underlying Bitcoin and to apply it to wide scope of enterprises joining various applications.

Named “Blockchain + Electronic Certificate and License”, the platform will begin with an application that will follow legal advisors’ licenses.

As indicated by the report –

“Each authorized action system will automatically record and store certificates and all usage actions for traceability to prevent misappropriation by others, enhancing the security and credibility of electronic licenses. The Provincial Data Resources Bureau and the Provincial Department of Justice are conducting pilot experiments on various application innovations of judicial and administrative electronic licenses in public security, procuratorates, and courts in Bozhou City, and will promote them to the Yangtze River Delta region.”

China is quickly building blockchain-powered infrastructure to change inheritance platforms and to build new frameworks that can more readily serve the virtual economy. A month ago leaked picture of the primary cycle of a mobile application to power the nation’s up and coming digital currency were released on social media.

China President Xi Jinping declared a year ago that the nation’s mission is to turn into the world leader in blockchain initiatives.

Kapil Gauhar

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