Sleepy Swiss city establishes Tezos-backed Coronavirus aid program

By Clark

The city of Wetzikon are going to be victimization blockchain technical school for targeted native business aid
On weekday nation city of Wetzikon — once known for its idyllic pastures and churches — launched a blockchain-based program to support tiny and medium-sized native businesses laid low with the Coronavirus pandemic.
Valued at 250,000 Swiss francs ($280,000), the initial aid disbursement are going to be funded with a municipal credit line earmarked for the Coronavirus and can be distributed to the roughly twenty five,000 inhabitants of Wetzikon within the variety of AN eCoupon value ten Swiss francs.
Residents will access the disbursement through a smartphone app, “ecoo,” which is able to be victimization the help program as a pilot trial for its platform.
According to their web site, ecoo is meant to assist entities like governments and event organizers distribute earmarked funds within the variety of coins and points, and was designed on the Tezos blockchain through a collaboration between nation companies Papers conductor and multiple subsidiaries of Farner Consulting conductor.
On the app residents are going to be able to convert their coupons into “WetziKoins” that they’ll later use to create purchases at native corporations. native business house owners will then convert the currency into Swiss francs from the city administration, conjointly via the app.
Ruedi Rüfenacht, civil authority of Wetzikon, same of the program: “Under the present circumstances it’s imperative for America to act in favor of the native economy in an exceedingly property manner. With ecoo, we’ve found a viable answer to encourage the folks of Wetzikon to buy in native stores rather than simply shopping for on-line or from wholesalers outside our city. “
Wetzikon isn’t the sole government that has explored victimization blockchain technology as a response to the Coronavirus. Bank of North American country EXEC Timothy Lane has previous known as on central governments to arrange for financial organisation Digital Currencies (CBDCs) in an endeavor to encourage cross-border digital payments.


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