Silk Road Bitcoin Seizure: Analytics Firm Claims Tokens price Millions Still Outstanding

By Clark

Analytics firm Coinfirm says the USA Department of Justice (DOJ)’s seizure of digital assets related to the now-defunct Silk Road left behind tokens price numerous bucks. in step with Coinfirm, there ar still valuable balances survived forked addresses originating from that billfold.
On November 5, the Justice Department declared that a hacker referred to as Individual X had cooperated with enforcement and united to relinquish management of over $1 billion price of bitcoins. At the time of the seizure of the sixty nine,370 BTC, reportable the Justice Department confirming that 1HQ3-the address that was controlled by Individual X conjointly contained just about sixty nine,370 BCH, BTG, and BSV.

However, in its update following “a self-funded investigation”, the analytics firm says the USA “government on the face of it unnoted and left it within the hands of whoever has access to the non-public keys of the most billfold.” whereas Coinfirm is saying that funds price numerous bucks are still outstanding, the firm has thus far solely discharged info on tokens whose total price doesn’t exceed $1 million.

According to the investigation, the subsequent digital assets were left behind by the DOJ:
• 693701 Bitcoin Diamond (“BCD”), that is presently price just about 310,000 USD.
• 69370 Super Bitcoin (“SBTC”), that is presently price just about sixty six,000 USD.
• 69370.11453606 Bitcoin non-public (“BTCP”), that is presently price just about eleven,000 USD.
After cooperating with USA authorities “Individual X walked removed from the incident while not facing any criminal charges” in step with Coinfirm. It remains to be seen if this latest revelation (if confirmed true) goes to lead to changes to Individual X’s deal.
Meanwhile, Coinfirm claims that its science tracing efforts have known dozens of cases within which enforcement authorities could have unwittingly left substantial funds accessible to suspects rather than properly accounting for and seizing those assets.


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