People With Low Income Should Buy Bitcoin, Max Keiser Says

By Kapil Gauhar

After the Bitcoin block reward was cut in half on last Monday (and preceding that also) many top figures in the cryptocurrency network have been emphasizing the need of purchasing Bitcoin (BTC).

The reason behind these words is that with the interest for Bitcoin continuing as before, the measure of daily minted Bitcoin has now been cut 50%.

Numerous individuals, including large players like Tim Draper, expect the lead digital currency to soar in price within two-three years.

Max Keiser, a prestigious TV anchor, trader as well as a vocal Bitcoin advocate, has a place with that group as well – in contrast to Draper’s, his forecast is $400,000 per Bitcoin over the long haul.

Poor People Should Purchase Bitcoin

Presently, Keiser has taken to Twitter to state that needy individuals who are currently accepting stimulus checks in the US and getting financial help from their governments in different nations, should purchase Bitcoin as well, in light of the fact that, as Keiser proposes, it could change their financial state when the Bitcoin price soars.

Poor individuals ought to do as such, the famous RT anchor says, regardless of whether they buy $1 worth of Bitcoin every day.

The individuals who have been buying Bitcoin fractions on his recommendation since 2011, Keiser says, have now become millionaires.

Bitcoin Simple To Purchase in Fractions: Robert Kiyoski

As reported previously, the investment master and author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” Robert Kiyoski likewise underlined the chance of purchasing Bitcoin in fractions.

Just as Bitcoin, he referenced traditional safe haven assets, for example, silver and gold and said that anybody can purchase silver in Silver Eagle one-dollar coins, each worth $25.

Kapil Gauhar

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