OKEx Announces 4 New OKB Ecosystem Partners:

By Ritwik

ccThe partnership with trading bot stages HaasOnline and Cryptohopper, dispersed exchange Saturn Network, and the smart contract platform MyWish today permits token holders to spend OKB for making payments at more than 70 nominated merchants and amenity providers. The newest partnerships encompass the real-world usefulness of OKB outside the OKEx ecosystem which comprises reduced fees and privileged access to OKEx Jumpstart projects. Spending OKB on the partner networks to permits token holders to enjoy supplementary assistance like reduced fees on high-quality services together with payments, trading platforms, wallets, financial services, and lifestyle contributions. HaasOnline and Cryptohopper trading bots are prevalent amongst crypto traders. They implement highly progressive algorithms to help users automate their trading tactics grounded on over 130 technical indicators and candle patterns. Today OKB holders on these platforms can gain a one-time passive income with 15% interest along with discounted service fees.

As a portion of the partnership. MyWish has furthered OKB as one of the payment choices, permitting token holders to fulfill their smart contract requirements with OKEx’s global utility token. In the meantime, the listing of OKB on Saturn Network decentralized exchange makes the token more accessible to the crypto community, permitting users to trade and swap OKB with other cryptocurrencies. The listing on Saturn Network will likewise further OKEx’ mission to endorse DeFi by cheering more users to be part of the ecosystem. The CEO of OKEx Jay Hao held, “Growing the OKB ecosystem is essential in gaining a high degree of its utility. OKB is a true global utility token and, as it continues to forge new partnerships, it provides its holders with even more real-world utility and ways to spend it outside of the OKEx exchange.” OKEx has tactics to furnace more partnerships with numerous other platforms to enlarge the uses of OKB, and supplementary progress of the OKEx ecosystem.

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