NFTICALLY Announces COMEARTH, the Leading E-Commerce Metaverse Ecosystem

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NFTICALLY, a Web3 E-Commerce SaaS platform that powers over 9,000 NFT Marketplaces & Storefronts globally, announces the world’s initial e-commerce Metaverse system – COMEARTH. COMEARTH can permit brands to have virtual land and open storefronts, expertise centers, or any virtual property thinkable and on the far side to serve shoppers within the Metaverse.

Backed by a excess of marquee investors, as well as polygon co-founders Sandeep Nailwal and Jaynti Kanani and Coinbase CPO Surojit Chatterjee, COMEARTH could be a virtual planet spanning eight continents that aims to unravel key problems in modern commerce as well as unsustainability, monopolization, intangibility, and security.

Businesses and individuals can buy virtual land as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) within the metaverse, ruled by sensible contracts deployed on the polygon  blockchain.

Equipped with their digital land, voters of COMEARTH will build immersive e-commerce experiences in computer games (VR), accessible by mobile, laptops, and VR devices. world brands polygonal shape, CEAT, Blockchain Council, SporteNFT, among others have come back aboard COMEARTH.

The Blockchain Council is the initial to announce plans to make in COMEARTH. The cluster can launch its own “Metaversity,” delivering Web3 education via live and recorded open coaching sessions, events, and seminars hosted within the virtual world. With their world presence of roughly a hundred,000 educators, learners, and enthusiasts, COMEARTH is poised to be a one-of-its-kind interactive world education hub.

COMEARTH has conjointly attracted interest from Digital Fashion Week NYC, which is able to launch an immersive virtual store to showcase digital vesture from varied luxury brands.

Landowners are ready to find out their metaverse ventures in barely a couple of minutes, armed with a comprehensive set of DIY tools and in depth ready-to-use templates. These, at the side of options like act onramp and Apis connecting with major Web2 commerce platforms, facilitate anyone to sell effortlessly via Salesforce, Shopify, OpenKart, Magenta, WooCommerce, etc.

A 2D-to-3D convertor transforms Web2 e-commerce product pictures into metaverse compatible 3D interactive models at the press of a button. this permits existing Web2 businesses to simply migrate their product listings over to COMEARTH a create them purchasable via an intrinsically connected to an authenticating NFT. a lot of details will be found within the COMEARTH whitepaper here

COMEARTH is intended to change effective E-Commerce within the Metaverse. Businesses will gain valuable analytic insights concerning the traffic their land receives, combined with access to steer generation tools. The platform can support Live Streaming and 360-degree product show creating it a fit product launch events. The pliability of fitting showrooms to determine product interest would permit businesses to run inexpensive selling campaigns and collect shopper information (with their permission) from interested parties. Startups will leverage these tools to restate their MVPs with a fast go-to-market strategy. These factors amongst others promise to contribute considerably to the highest line of corporations operating their storefronts on the metaverse.

COMEARTH aims to be the of the long run in Web3 house – It shall be the one place individuals worldwide gather whenever they require to have interaction with brands and creators. The goal of COMEARTH is to utilize the facility and adaptability provided by the Metaverse and mix it with the safety and transparency of Blockchains to make a world that shall power property world e-commerce within the returning decades. Conceptualized around the wants of the patron, COMEARTH has positioned itself to supply hyper-personalized searching expertise to its shoppers that extends on the far side user profiles ascertained with the incumbents. Aggregating world brands and creators on one platform has been the bottleneck of providing best user expertise to shoppers that COMEARTH steps in to unravel.

Toshendra Sharma, Founder & CEO at NFTICALLY said: “COMEARTH aims to become the of Web3. Brands and businesses are setting out to notice the facility of decentralized technology and its impact on shopper engagement and retention. COMEARTH provides an intuitive platform for these players to urge concerned and provide immersive experiences for shoppers and fans.”

Brian Trunzo, Metaverse Lead at polygon Studios, said, “Polygon Studios is happy to welcome COMEARTH as a valued partner into the system. Their easy-to-use and powerful decentralized technology  brings brands and rights holders nearer to their audiences — a key facet of facilitating broader Web3 adoption”.

According to new analysis, 2 in 5 brands arrange to invest up to 1/2 their budget into a metaverse, VR, or AR strategy within the next 2 years. Recent rounds of capital allocation at massive school companies are seen as leading indicators of the promise metaverse brings to humanity. With the power to scale with efficiency and sustainably via polygon, COMEARTH is set to fill this want within the market within the returning years.


NFTICALLY could be a Web3 E-Commerce SaaS Platform that helps enterprises change NFTs in their business through a white-label no-code shopfront at the side of Apis, Infrastructure & Tools (Shopify for NFTs & more). It permits celebrities, influencers, gamers, clubs & enterprises to commercialize their digital assets beneath their name or shopfront in an exceedingly white-label manner with no technical data.

With NFTICALLY, celebrities & enterprises will manage the assorted aspects of their NFT storefronts like blockchains, wallets, cryptocurrencies, act on-ramp, airdrop, analytics, UX, etc.

NFTICAlly supports varied blockchains, wallets & cryptocurrencies to ease the business overhead in desegregation of these advanced systems in their own NFT marketplace.


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