NFT Market’s RARI Token Realizes 100% Advances after CoinFund Investment

By Ritwik

New York centered crypto investment firm CoinFund has made an unrevealed investment into the digital art-focused non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, Rarible.

Conferring to a September 8 declaration from Rarible, funds from the pre-seed round will be used to develop a “community-governed” NFT marketplace. The Rarible platform tossed earlier this year and began issuing its RARI governance token this week — with RARI doubling in worth since trade inaugurated on Uniswap 24 hrs. Ago. Rarible forecasts that the NFT sector will see a 50percent growth in capitalization to tag a $315M market in 2020. In a blog from CoinFund publicizing the investment, the firm predicts that “all digital content is going on-chain,” stressing the “staggering diversity of online digital content that can be placed on a blockchain in the form of NFTs.”

As intellectual property rights inevitably move onto the blockchain as NFTs, trillions of units of digital content will move onto secondary markets. This will unlock tremendous illiquid value and become the most important asset class in the blockchain. CoinFund asserts that realizing NFTs “as tokenized digital content itself” is reductionist, describing non-fungible tokens as liquid expressions of IPRs for all forms of digital content.

For instance, the firm highlights that the variance between “taking a photograph of the Mona Lisa” & “actually owning Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece”, somebody with a photo is not able to charge $10.2M in annual admission fees to its vision.

“NFTs are about to become a new, voluminous financial asset class. To capture its value, we need venues for selling, auctioning, and trading these new assets.”

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