New Crypto Hardware Wallet Developed By Austrian State Printing House

By Sumedha Bose

There’s a new hardware wallet on the market, one that we did not see coming.

A subsidiary of the Austrian State Printing House, Youniqx Identity AG, is responsible for the launch of a new cryptocurrency hardware wallet in the market, called Chain lock.

A press release published on July 29 revealed that this new wallet called Chainlock, would enable users to store their private keys offline. It would allow users to store their keys off of the internet, which makes it way more secure and keeps it protected from any virtual attacks.

The device is incredibly advanced and is allegedly water and heat resistant. It is also capable of generating the private key by itself. The wallet will be brought into the market by the firm’s partners, including Tokenize Exchange in Singapore and Coinfinity in Central Europe.

Youniqx AG as a firm is relatively new, since it was just founded last year by the Austrian State Printing House, to expand their operations into the digital identity space. The release also talks about how the Austrian State Printing House is specialized in identity document manufacturing that “implements and offers personalisation solutions for identity documents such as the highly secure Austrian passport.”

Youniqx has also been credited with the creation of a video identification service and an identity management app alongside the hardware wallet in question. They have shown incredible progress and knack for innovation in the digital identity space.

Sumedha Bose

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