New Bitcoin Quest Contest offers folks an opportunity to find Crypto Seeds Hidden in footage

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There’s associate degree online-sleuthing contest beginning on Jan twenty first referred to as “Bitcoin Quest,” wherever people will leverage their crypto-analytical skills to search for mnemotechnic bitcoin seed phrases hidden in design. Winners WHO drain the artwork’s crypto holdings are ready to win a Bitcoin Quest analyst certificate, thirteen prizes value $150 every, and 3 Satochip hardware wallets.
The groups behind the crypto trade organizations Hotmine, Its Business Baby, college Bitcoin, Satochip, and therefore the disfunction Khan Crypto Gallery have started a contest referred to as Bitcoin Quest. The attention-grabbing event permits folks to search out bitcoin seeds hidden in distinctive design. folks trying to affix the web game will investigate the principles and tips here.
So far, there area unit 2 message teams folks will be a part of the Bitcoin Quest search for mnemotechnic bitcoin seeds in each Russian and English languages. one in all the organizers behind the Bitcoin Quest art contest told, the event can formally begin on Jan twenty one, 2021, and message users ought to leverage the @helpmyquestbot to induce a bunch of information concerning the hunt.

“The crypto associate degreealyst contest wherever bitcoin is hidden within the art is an journey journey,” the Bitcoin Quest announcement details. “Participants show their analytical skills by burning through the main points of an outsized image. The target for participants is to search out the words and compile a bitcoin seed. it’s fourteen words long and grants access to bitcoins unbroken on the winning addresses (13 of them + three Satochip ones) at intervals metal Bitcoin pocketbook (PC version),” the organizers add.
Contest winners are ready to decide to win thirteen bitcoin prizes within the design value $150 every and 3 Satochip hardware wallets. The Satochip wallets also will feature a novel print from the 2021 Bitcoin Quest contest. Participants also will get a “Bitcoin Quest Analyst Certificate,” and with such a document, “nobody can dare to doubt your skills,” the competition creators emphasised.
Additionally, winners are recorded in associate degree changeless fashion and engraved into a blockchain. “We can write an inventory of all winners into the Ethereum blockchain,” the Bitcoin Quest announcement notes. “It are obtainable via Eternal Note service, or via A dealing ID are supplementary to the individual certificate.”

The contest was created to induce folks to refine their data concerning bitcoin and mnemotechnic seed phrases. Crypto skills area unit necessary and that they are required, aboard hardware and code to participate within the latest quest. Users can would like a message account, data concerning metal wallets, a computer, an outsized monitor, and more. Then so as to start the hunt searching method, the user has to acquire the image from the Bitcoin Quest message channels on Jan twenty one and thenceforth.

Simply realize the seeds following the official quest rules and hints, and drain one or 2 of the winning seeds within the design. “You got to do all of the on top of quicker than all the opposite crypto analysts,” the Bitcoin Quest creators told Bitcoin Quest could be a pet project from Jeff plotter aka ‘Bitpainter,’ associate degree creator WHO has been making art with bitcoin mnemotechnic seeds within giant drawings since 2017.

“I need to unite 2 of my nice passions: art and crypto,” plotter same. “That’s wherever the thought of ‘Bitcoin Quest’ appeared. It’s a contest wherever I draw footage with hidden bitcoin pocketbook seeds in them, and you retain no matter BTC you discover,” the creator ended.


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