Justin Sun Says Tron Will Hold it’s 33 BLN TRX and Launch a Buy Back Program

By Kapil Gauhar

Justin Sun, the CEO of Tron, started this new year by kicking off a live stream on a DLive. The stream was also telecast on YouTube as well as on Periscope.

Though he talked about so many things, yet the chief executive stated in particular that the Foundation does not intend to sell the TRX stash that it holds currently. Also, he made it a notice to the audience about the buy-back plan that was announced last year.

Justin Sun also promised that this program is meant to be initiated after all to get back the part of the circulating TRX from the market, as he believes the coin to be underrated.

Tron Won’t Sell Its 33 BLN Worth TRX

Justin Sun, while answering questions from users, stated that the Tron team aims to keep their 33-bln-TRX stash intact, and will not willing to dump it to the market.

Indeed, selling this amount of TRX would send the crypto price to the bottom of the chart. While similarly to the XRP, the coin price has not been able to grow, in spite of the several collaborations and tech advances Tron made to it.

Rather, Tron intends to start its TRX buy-back program which is aimed at reducing the amount of TRX in circulation. As per the theory, it may give a little push to the price to the North.

DLive: The #1 App for Cryptocurrency Influencers

Sun has shared his plans for DLive streaming app which he has acquired recently. He said,

“We want to make DLive a number one decentralized live streaming platform.”

Justin also said that it would offer better live streaming operations as compared to those major centralized platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Periscope.

The businessman also said that Tron Foundation aims to get as many cryptocurrency influencers as they can to upload their content on DLive.

“I want to make DLive a number one platform for all crypto influencers. We welcome everybody and we won’t delete anybody’s files or content.”

He also discussed a few other issues related to Tron community in his stream.

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