Is Shell Trying To Incorporate Blockchain In The Power Sector

By Rishma Banerjee

Cryptocurrencies have steadily grown in popularity and are seeing adoption in various sectors. The start of 2019, has also marked the start of good days for cryptocurrencies and since then use cases for crypto as well as blockchain technology, in general, has only gone up. Some major global companies and corporations have adopted blockchain technology while many institutional investors along with several states have legalized and are using cryptocurrencies

Corporations like IBM which has been quite an active member in the crypto space has entered the blockchain sector with the release of their own Hardware Security Model (HSM) that can be utilized as an alternative to cold storages. Now, Shell, the globe’s fifth-largest gas and oil producer has also shown a keen interest in blockchain technology.

The European company is, as of now looking for blockchain analysts meant for their IT graduate program. The job request was posted on Linkedin and as per the request, the company is looking for applicants who have distinctions in mathematics artificial intelligence (AI) and computer science. However, the company has now ceased accepting applications and is aiming to explore the applications of blockchain specifically in the oil and gas sector.

The company is keen to learn the uses of decentralized technology in the power sector. The people working at the firm will not only be conducting research on the subject at hand but also in the implementation and development of such networks. Shell is not the only company that seems interested in hiring people related to blockchain technology as many other companies are looking to enter the markets. Linkedin statistics showed that the term blockchain developer was one of the most searched terms on the network. Shell is a major name in the power sector and its adoption of blockchain technology will open the power sector for further blockchain adoption. The company has previously baked up a blockchain platform last year.

Rishma Banerjee

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