In Bitcoin tax fraud case Microsoft worker sentenced to nine years

By Clark

A Ukrainian national has been sentenced to 9 years in jail in what the Internal Revenue Service is describing because the United States’ “first Bitcoin case [with] a tax element.”
A former Microsoft engineer has been sentenced to 9 years for stealing over $10 million in digital price from his past leader within the sort of “currency hold on value” (CSV) together with gift cards.
Volodymyr Kvashuk, a 26-year-old Ukrainian subject residing in Washington, used the accounts and identities of his fellow workers to steal so sell the CSV — creating it seem like his co-workers were to blame for the fraud.

Kvashuk conjointly used a Bitcoin (BTC) intermixture service to any alter the written account, telling the inner Revenue Service that the $2.8 million value of crypto that more established his accounts gifts had been sent from a relative. per the us Departent of Justice:
“Over the seven months of KVASHUK’s criminal activity, close to $2.8 million in Bitcoin were transferred to his bank and investment accounts. KVASHUK then filed faux income tax return forms, claiming the Bitcoin had been a present from a relative.”

Kvashuk worked at Microsoft from August 2016 till being dismissed in June 2018.
According to tax income Service (IRS) agent Ryan Korner, the sentencing is “the nation’s 1st Bitcoin case that contains a tax element thereto.” Korner declared the sentencing highlights the increasing sophistication of the agency’s criminal division in distinctive unreported crypto plus transactions:
“Simply place, today’s sentencing proves you can not steal cash via the web and suppose that Bitcoin goes to cover your criminal behaviors.”

Brian Moran of the U.S. Attorney’s workplace said: “Stealing from your leader is dangerous enough, however stealing and creating it seem that your colleagues area unit guilty widens the injury on the far side greenbacks and cents.”
Kvushuk has been found guilty of eighteen federal felonies together with six counts of cash wash and 2 counts of filing false tax returns. The Ukrainian used the taken funds to buy a $1.6 million lake-front home and $160,000 Tesla vehicle.

Tax evasion charges are leveled at various criminal schemes throughout U.S. history. Prohibition-era crook boss Scarface splendidly spent seven years in federal jail from 1931 when being found guilty of evading taxes.


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