From Uniswap to Axies, these 6 DApps blew us absent in 2020

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With the dispersed application space evolving fast, let’s take a look at some of the best instances that caught our care in 2020.

With the crypto market making a foolish comeback this year, a cumulative number of unpremeditated investors all over the world are starting to understand the possibility that blockchain technology owns. For instance, throughout 2020, decentralized applications gained an extraordinary amount of traction, with the total locked capacity across all decentralized exchanges increasing from under $40M back in Dec. 2019 to a whopping more than $26 billion within a distance of just 9 months.

However, it’s significant to understand the core ideas underlying decentralized finance, or DeFi, & decentralized applications, or DApps, as numerous regularly use the 2 footings interchangeably. For starters, though both innovations share many resemblances — such as using blockchain technology, removing third-party intermediaries, & providing users with a whole control over their finances — there are scarce key differences that are value pointing out.

One key difference is that DeFi is a procedure of DApp, with DeFi chiefly being worried about financial use cases, whereas over-all DApps have a wide range of applications that are not incomplete to the domain of finance alone. For sample, DApps can be rummage-sale for the development of gaming & betting platforms & educational systems, or even in the formation of novel tools like privacy-oriented internet browsers like Brave.

Why DApps, you ask?

From a usability standpoint, DApps can be organized for all of the same drives that even smartphone apps are good for. Though, the difference lies in the fact that different most Android & iOS-based applications that make you symbol shady agreements fundamentally forcing you to forgo your basic privacy rights, DApps proposal users a wide array of transparency connected benefits — along with other rewards such as:

  • They are open source: As is indirect by the term ‘decentralized,’ DApps are open source, meaning their source code is easily available online & can be reallocated or adapted by anyone who wishes to do so. This permits users to rapidly spot flaws that may be present in their fundamental software, thereby bolstering the platforms’ general security in a big way.
  • They propose attractive inducements: A core feature of numerous DApps is that they deliver users many incentives, typically in the form of interest yield, airdrops, or other usage-based plunders. A large reason that the idea of “yield farming” gained so much care in 2020 is that it allowed crypto investors to earn plunders simply by making use of various consent fewer liquidity protocols.
  • They are dependable: DApps are devised using consensus mechanisms that assistance their networks reach agreements about the state of the blockchain. As a consequence, it is almost unbearable to tamper with such platforms.


The first entry on our list is a total no-brainer because it closely single-handedly transported the idea of decentralized exchanges into the awareness of the global crypto community. In its greatest basic sense, Uniswap is a protocol built atop the ETH ecosystem for swapping ERC-20 tokens deprived of the essential for buyers & sellers to generate demand.

And while greatest unpremeditated crypto enthusiasts/investors last to make use of centralized trading platforms such as Binance, OKEx, & others due to their general convenience & brand reputation, there are rare key areas where Uniswap has changed the game, with:

Asset ownership: The unique idea behind BTC , as well as the greatest other cryptocurrencies, was to make it likely for individuals to create, transfer & grip their assets without the necessity of any intermediate financial authority like a bank. In this esteem, when it comes to centralized exchanges, one’s crypto is essentially in the custody of a 3rd  party if they choose to transfer their funds to a cold wallet — a choice for which the owners have to pay a substantial processing fee!

When it comes to Uniswap, users do not ever relinquish custody of their assets for even a sole moment, thanks largely to the use of smart contracts that perform trades in a completely trustless manner.

The comfort of use: To pledge an exchange on Uniswap, all one has to do is choose the assets that one pursues to ease an exchange between, click on the ‘connect wallet’ button, & settle the transaction in question. That’s it! When done, the learned tokens are reflected in one’s account deprived of the assets ever having to go through a 3rd party stage.

Progressive liquidity choices: Maybe the most exclusive aspect of Uniswap, as well as the greatest other decentralized exchanges, is that it permits users to play a lively role in its liquidity pools by risking their coins, thus allowing them to receive a cut of the platform’s trading boundary as an inducement.

InterPlanetary Search Engine

With search data manipulation cumulative these days, a large amount of technology-savvy individuals are understanding that the internet is no longer the decentralized utopia they once supposed it was.

As things stand, some players such as Google, Bing, & Baidu have a whole monopoly over the global search engine sector. Not lone that, they have indistinct data ownership policies, foremost to recurring issues such as customer information escapes, & advertising tracking.

InterPlanetary Search Engine, or IPSE, is a decentralized search engine constructed atop the EOS blockchain that brands use of the InterPlanetary File System, which lets users browse the internet while also being incentivized to share any exclusive content they might have.

Some of the central rewards of using the platform comprise seamless consumer data protection thanks to IPSE’s asymmetric encryption technology & the essential for explicit user support for any ad tracking actions, for which one is salaried.

Other aids include:

All of the gratified accessible on IPSE is enduringly traceable as well as end-to-end encrypted.

IPSE does not brand use of a ‘bidding-based ranking’ system, thus making sure that search consequences are never swayed by the whims of some moneyed players.

Decentralized storage of data means that hackers can not ever get complete admission to the system because they cannot bout all of the nodes concurrently.


For an entire host of people, the word “DApp” still directly draws a link to CryptoKitties, a game first hurled in 2017 that allows players to breed, buy & finally sell digital cats that are signified in the form of nonfungible ERC-721 tokens.

In its most rudimentary sense, a nonfungible token, or NFT, can be supposed of as a cryptographic asset that represents a worth store that is unique, such that it cannot be equally interchanged for another NFT. For instance, in CryptoKitties, every cat is dissimilar & cannot be swapped straight for another one, for the simple reason that each cat has its intrinsic makings such as behavioral traits, physical arrival, etc.

However it sounds juvenile, meanwhile, its inception CryptoKitties has continued very popularly & at one point even accounted for an enormous 10% of Ethereum’s everyday transactions. As an outcome, it is watched by many as being the faultless entry point for the crypto-curious into the world of decentralization & NFTs.

CryptoKitties proposals players nothing more than unadulterated entertainment, but its sustained popularity has had a huge influence on the development of the NFT space, as well as the broader Ethereum ecosystem.


Though CryptoKitties pioneered the NFT space, Rarible is now loud on the movement. Rarible is a group possessed NFT marketplace that influences its governance token, RARI, to power its stage.

On paper, Rarible just lets users secure digital figurines using blockchain technology. Sounds ordinary, right? Yet, what sets Rarible truly separately from other platforms such as  Open Sea, a peer-to-peer marketplace for infrequent digital items, is the detail that Rarible pursues to become much more than a platform for safeguarding & trading art & digital figurines.

In its place, Rarible aims to permit individuals to make — or more exactly, “mint” — NFTs, which in the future might be a big boon for content creators of numerous kinds, particularly as issues such as copyright, piracy, & data plagiarism last to disturb the world of digital media.

For sample, using Rarible, an artist can vend their creations like music albums, books, or films using nonfungible tokens that are stowed on a blockchain, thus removing the accidental of any data forgery. Also, another advantage has enough money by this technology is that it allows artists to offer potential buyers a sneak peek of their content, such as a showing or a trailer, only freeing the entirety of the content once a purchase has been completed positively.

Finally, since gaining a substantial amount of traction this year, the team behind Rarible has been putting a ration of stress on making the platform autonomous so that it can be run using a community-governance founded model.

Axie Infinity

The 2nd game to make its method onto our list, Axie Infinity draws deeply from the Pokémon universe. For instance, players can gather & raise fantasy beings referred to as ‘Axies’ But distinct CryptoKitties where all one can do is increase & trade their collectibles, in the Axie Eternity world, individuals can team up their pets to battle other users, thus adding an actual element of action & escapade into the mix.

The admiration of this game has increased so much over the historical year that it has full-grown to become the most-played game in the ETH ecosystem, with the NFT-based digital activity currently boasting 18,000 monthly lively users.

Due to its quick growth, the team behind this project has been challenging out novel ways to scale the game & even lately launched the public test net of its actual own sidechain, named ‘Ronin’ The opening validator of Ronin was Paris-based video game huge Ubisoft.


Taking the 6TH & final spot on our tilt is Steemit, a social DApp meant chiefly for bloggers. It is built atop the Steem blockchain & permits verified users to create blog posts on any theme they wish as well as add tags, photos or anything else to their accounts for numerous incentives.

For instance, if one’s posts are interesting & are talented to garner sufficient ‘likes,’ users are presented with plunders in the form of either Steem, Steem Dollars, or Steem Power tokens.

Steem is like any even cryptocurrency such that it can be powered up into Steem Power tokens, traded for Steem Dollars, transferred to other accounts, or simply traded crossways numerous cryptocurrency exchanges.

Steem Power tokens, on the other hand, are conferred into the platform & help as a metric of how much effect a user has within the Steem network. The extra Steem Power a user holds, the extra power they have to inspiration the worth of any posts or commentaries they upvote & thus make curation rewards in the procedure.

Finally, Steem Dollars are stable value currency tokens that are attached to the U.S. dollar in a one-to-one ratio. Steem Dollars can be dealt for Steem or transferred to other accounts for numerous commercial drives.


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