Decreasing Bitcoin Stablecoin Supply Ratio Proposes Exchanges Are ‘Highly Liquid & Prepared to Buy’ Crypto Assets – Report

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Rendering to a report by Glassnode, BTC’s decreasing stablecoin supply ratio  specifies a bigger supply of afresh minted coins on exchanges. In chance, this rise in supply means exchanges are present ‘highly liquid & ready to buy up assets like BTC’

Stablecoin Supply Development

As described in the report, the SSR is a ratio of the total value of all BTC versus stablecoins. This metric ‘reductions when also the price of Bitcoin is low or when more stablecoins are incoming circulation’

Though Bitcoin prices are previously high, this leaves the augmented stablecoin supply as the only likely cause behind the little ratio. Already, Messari data displays that the total stablecoin market capitalization presently stands at about $39 billion as of Feb. 1. From this total, the USDT stablecoin accounts for $28 billion or about 71% share of the market.

Though, as the Glassnode report notes, it is the USDC stablecoin that is sighted ‘huge exchange inflows in 2021’ in their comment on the probable influence of such inflows, the report’s author’s state:

The number of USDC on exchanges augmented by over 112% in Jan. alone, rising from $431M to over $915M. This signifies almost $1 billion value of buying power from USDC only, poised to move into assets like BTC.

The authors also describe that ‘this high figure should upsurge investors’ assurance in any dips being rapidly bought up, making it a bullish signal’

Profit Taking Whole      

Temporarily, also considering in with their bullish comment is the onchain forecaster, Willy Woo. Rendering to Woo’s examination, profit-taking is presently complete, & ‘the market has finished a full purge of overheatedness’

Woo, who uses the spent output profit ratio chart to provision his assertion, proposes the crypto market might have gone historical the ‘bearish phase.’ He clarifies that when ‘SOPR touches the 1.0 line, coins moving between investors no extended carry profit.’

To bolster this point, Woo describes:

To push SOPR lesser, investors would have to be eager to sell at a loss. In instruction to let for that, we would essential to arrive at a bearish stage, but this is very improbable as we are restricted by the $29k price floor.

At the time of text, Bitcoin was trading overhead $35,700 grip up 5% on Tuesday.


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