Dapper Labs Launches Token-based NBA Game On Its Blockchain

By Kapil Gauhar

Dapper Labs’ NBA Top Shot has launched into private beta after the game’s underlying product declaration in July 2019. The game is looking to fill a product specialty by consolidating manager-style sporting events with digitally rare merchandise called non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Dapper Labs VP of Partnerships Caty Tedman stated in an interview –

“Fans can own a piece of the action and they can participate in this economy of basketball, which has never really happened before.”

NBA Top Shot is additionally the primary Dapper Labs game based in the team’s new custom blockchain, Flow.

Tedman stated that the new chain gives the game higher throughput and consistency, an important product given Dapper Labs item history.

In 2017, CryptoKitties infamously obstructed the Ethereum blockchain by executing a bigger number of transactions than the chain could deal with around then. The team reported another blockchain with quicker transaction speeds in March.

Tedman said –

“We want to make sure, first of all, that the environment is totally stable since we’ve had the experience of CryptoKitties crashing – not by our volition.”

Tedman said Top Shot is hoping to warn in the coming months and in any event by the start of the NBA’s next season in October (which may itself be deferred).


Basically, Top Shot joins digital trading-card games with applications like Tab Baseball.

Tedman said –

“The main premise of the mobile game is a manager-style game where you’re kind of creating the strongest team you can.”

Clients can build lists – Tedman herself lean towards a lineup of European hoopers known for smooth passing and shooting –in the light of interests or viral minutes like a sure thing.

Smart’s NFTs likewise gets ‘moments’, for example, a LeBron James poster dunk or a Steph Curry step-back three-pointer from genuine in-game occasions. These moments are then wrapped utilizing the ERC-721 token norm, making a digital b-ball card no one but you can possess.

NFTs would then be able to be traded on Dapper’s auxiliary market and are accessible for buy in cryptocurrency or with credit cards, Tedman stated.

Regardless, the versatile game is free while NFTs are an extra, a comparable technique appeared by cryptocurrency game MLB Champions this spring.

Besides, Dapper agreed with the NBA and the NBPA to utilize the resemblances of basketball’s most prominent stars from the league’s 50 or more year history: think Magic Johnson on the blockchain.

Tedman said –

“We’re lucky that we tied the product to a moment in time rather than the live game because we can continue going backward [in time].”

Kapil Gauhar

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