CoinMetrics Shows A High Correlation Between Gold and Bitcoin

By Kapil Gauhar

There has been wide hypothesis about the supposed connection between Bitcoin and the stock market, be that as it may, as per new information, it’s Bitcoin and Gold that have been moving couple with one another.

In its most recent report, CoinMetrics shows that the correlation between the two is very high and has been so for several months.

During the COVID-19 market selloff, Bitcoin lost the greater part of its value and fell into the $4,000 territory, while Gold was trading for under $1,500.

The Bitcoin price has since ascended past $10,000 following common agitation in the US and Gold is right now selling for more than $1,700.

The CoinMetrics suggests that February and March saw Bitcoin and Gold arriving at their bottom most points for the year, with BTC losing the greater part of its value in only a couple of months and Gold shedding a few hundred dollars. The following two months, in any case, would see the two assets spiking close by each other and moving into higher extents, with Bitcoin hitting the $9,000 mark and Gold shooting back above $1,700.

Information released in April from mutual fund manager VanEck backs this up. It shows that connection between Bitcoin and Gold has been the standard since the time the market selloff in late February, which happened during the initial spread of coronavirus.

From mid to late March, Bitcoin’s correlation with Gold shot up to 0.47, where 1 is a solid positive correlation and -1 is a solid negative correlation.

Toward the finish of April, the correlation between the two assets expanded to 0.79, while VanEck takes note of a year-to-date figure between Bitcoin and Gold of 0.42. This shows that the two have been correlated intently throughout the last year.

VanEck wrote –

“We note that bitcoin’s correlation with traditional asset classes have begun to increase during the COVID-19-induced global market selloff. Most notably, Bitcoin’s correlation with gold has reached levels never seen before. We believe this may further cement its potential as ‘digital gold’.”

In spite of the fact that, since Bitcoin’s price dropped $700 in minutes within the last hour, this connection might be more confident than factual.

Kapil Gauhar

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