BTC’s Coinbase premium twisted negatively. Here is what it means for Bitcoin price

By Clark

Coinbase Pro is the main bellwether for institutional demand. Currently, data from CryptoQuant specifies that the short-term selling burden on Coinbase is mounting. Bitcoin’s conclusive breakout above $50K might have to delay longer to materialize as advertisement buying pressure on Coinbase Pro displays signs of weakening — at most, in the short term.

The Coinbase Premium Index, which measures the gap between the Bitcoin price on Coinbase Pro & Binance, has tossed negative, rendering to CryptoQuant. In other terms, selling pressure on Coinbase seems to be consolidation associated with other exchanges such as Binance.

A bad reading on the Coinbase Premium Index might be a forerunner to short-term resistance. On the other hand, when the premium is high, it designates robust spot buying pressure on Coinbase.

Founded on the index, CryptoQuant CEO Ki-Young Ju trusts topping $50K ‘looks pretty tough’ in the close term.

‘Current buying power does not come from Coinbase,’ he added. ‘No more Coinbase premium likened to Binance/Huobi/OKEx. Be careful.’

Coinbase has developed a main bellwether for BTC demand due to its admiration among large, institutional buyers. These market members obtain their BTC through over-the-counter markets on Coinbase Pro. Though these large purchases do not directly influence the BTC price, they mean rising demand for the digital asset &, in turn, lessening supply. The Coinbase Premium Index, so, is one way to gauge institutional demand for Bitcoin in the short term.

A short-term variation in the Coinbase premium does not seem to have any bearing on Bitcoin’s long-term route. The digital asset leftovers in a strong uptrend, having sickly-looking well north of $49,700 on Sunday, rendering to Trading View data.

The Bitcoin price has increased a whopping 28% over the historical week, thanks in big part to Tesla’s planned gaining of the asset. Founded on the electric vehicle creator’s most new 10K filing with the U.S Securities &  Exchange Commission, it tactics to assign roughly 7.7% of its gross cash rank to Bitcoin.

Publicly-traded companies &  fund managers grasp roughly 6% of BTC’s circulating supply — a number that does not include Tesla’s $1.5 billion positions.


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