Blameworthiness Social Actors for Role in the EMN Token Hack – Yearn Finance Founder

By Clark

Yearn Finance creator Andre Cronje recommends he did not abuse the Eminence project’s economic feat, which he maintains functions well. He blames sure social actors of making a story around EMN that produced rational actors to hurdle onto the token. Cronje’s commentaries shadow reports that a group of defi community members preparation to prosecute the smart contract builder whom they say is guilty in the $15M EMN token hacks.

 He Is Not Infallible- Cronje Says

In a post on Average, Cronje who has sworn not to use his Twitter account, meetings of his part & the journey which he said has had both failures & successes. In what may appear similar an effort to absolve himself, Cronje writes:

‘I’ve been wrong more times than I’ve been right, I’ve unsuccessful more times than I’ve prospered. I’ve had theoretical ideas that failed in practice. I do not shape to brand a number go up.; Cronje seems to lament the participation of speculators and how this sidetracks from the main objects of building valuable tools.

The Yearn creator then rights that Defi tokens are not similar to stocks. He said though ‘people treat them like stocks, in Defi, tokens are a coordination mechanism.’ He says ownership of tokens should signal that one ‘wants to become a contributor and not a bystander.’

Speculators Debasement Defi

Temporarily, Cronje also elucidates that the seeming distinction between a team (devs) &  the community, which he said is the basis of friction, should not be.

‘There is no separation, they are one and the same,’ expounds Cronje who now says he did not make Yearn. The Yearn creator then fleetingly zeroes in on the botched EMN token whose code he said ‘functioned as designed.’

Defending himself additional, Cronje clarifies:

‘The contracts went through my normal testing cycles and were at stage 5; on that day alone, I had deployed ~2 different versions. LBI is working as envisioned, it still is, and I am quite using it to create a real-world instance of how such templates function.’

Instead, the Yearn creator responsibilities people that cloud price with functionality. He points to LBI as the faultless instance where ‘people bought it off Uniswap, inflating the price, something that a rational actor that understood how the system worked should never have done.’

Liquidity Income  is Cronje’s newest experimentation that was rolled out on October 13 as an ‘unfinished product meant for research purposes.’

Notwithstanding the notices and the detail that Cronje did not use a Twitter account to proclaim the newest experiment, users quiet put ETH into this unaudited contract. It is on this foundation that Cronje efforts to exonerate himself from the actions of illogical actors though he confesses he was “naive.”

Balancing Between Developers & Normal Users

Temporarily, Cronje’s remarks about tokens being different from stocks seem to be receiving provision from others within the defi community. One of those like-minded with Cronje is Daniel Dabek whose group, launched a token in 2015 which is ‘used to become a member of a decentralized board of trade.’ From the small amount originally elevated ($50,000), the Dabek says they ‘evolved over these years into an entire blockchain network from scratch.’

Quiet, just like Cronje, who sees a ‘conflict in space’ Dabek also says of the tests faced when trying to balance between receiving people interested & building tools:

‘It is one thing to make the tools, additional to put them in people’s hands to be empowered.’

Temporarily, besides trying to clear his name, Cronje does not directly address reports of the imminent lawsuit. In its place, he says he will carry on to build.


Head of the technology.

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