Bitcoin Futures Market Takes Note of the Lowest Trade Volume of the Year

By Kapil Gauhar

Bitcoin was down somewhere around 3% year to day. The digital currency has so far neglected to recover from the yearly highs as it kept on trading below $9,500. The impacts of the recent fall were not just constrained to the retail side of the business, but it witnessed a slump on the derivatives side too. On the 11th of June, Bitcoin dropped from $9,934 to $9,293. After two days, Bitcoin futures market noticed the lowest trade volume in 2020.

As indicated by the most recent Skew diagram, BTC Futures volume on the thirteenth of June was under $4 billion. In spite of the recent price activity, Bitcoin has been steady for the most recent few weeks as no abrupt price swings occurred in the long stretch of May. The absence of volatility in the hidden crypto price action could have incited the downturn in BTC Futures volume.

Besides, it was additionally seen that the end in the trade volume was found in the non-regulated derivative platforms, for example, Huobi, OKEx, BitMEX, and Binance. For instance, BitMEX recorded liquidation of a sum of over $75 million positions on that day which made its open interest to take a plunge. Outstandingly, these platforms use BTC Futures more like an everyday trading tool as opposed to a support.

Concerning regulated industry giants, for example, CME, where traders use BTC Futures as a fence, open interest, just as volume, remained generally steady rather than their unregulated partners.

What’s more? Options market has additionally seen some vital turns in events. The market, which for the most part comprises of probably the most knowledgeable industry traders, additionally strayed on two fronts. Right off the bat, trading on a daily scale seemed to have deteriorated as low volatility persisted in the market. Furthermore, numerous BTC alternatives traders have contracts expiring by 26 June 2020 with more than 100,500 BTC Options contracts expiring.

With Bitcoin’s price endeavoring to cross $9,500, the low BTC Futures volume and the expiration of the options contracts could direct Bitcoin’s price in any case.

Kapil Gauhar

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