Analyst Clarifies Details for The Anticipated Bitcoin Price Fall, To Lesser $10ks

By Ritwik

Bitcoin is fronting risks of a price correction on the way to $10,000, rendering to a TradingView analyst. He marked the cryptocurrency trading nearby its weekly resistance level, noting that it may sum to profit-taking action among traders. However, he also proclaimed that Bitcoin is in a bull market, totaling that the price would likely spring back from its $10,000-lows. Bitcoin’s exertions to log a breakout move above $12,000 may fail as selling sentimentality grows adjacent to the said level.

The benchmark cryptocurrency jeopardies were breaking lower after retesting the $12,000-mark, says a analyst who analyzed the level for its historical worth as a resistance. He held the BTC/USD exchange rate is nearby its weekly value ceiling; in addition to that, any exertion to push the pair above it is not a good strategy.

The analyst penned, “Whether Bitcoin has the momentum to break above $12,000 without longer consolidation, I have no idea. But, buying at the current price is certainly not the best action to take. [One] should always buy at pullback or on the consolidation breakout.


He settled after analyzing three typical trading mindsets as Bitcoin trades a hundred dollars underneath $12,000. Either a trader is an initial new long position near the weekly resistance or s/he is shorting the upsurge with risky leverages – a “revenge” for missing out the Bitcoin’s second-quarter bull run. & then, there exists a third kind that is pleased selling the top to secure short-term gains. The analyst supported the third strategy, asserting:

“In my opinion, the best approach is certainly not the 3x actions mentioned above, but to take some profits off long positions at resistance or perhaps put a trailing stop.


The analyst anticipated the next pullback move to thrust prices down on the way to $10,000. He fixed a chart that showed the future latent moves for the cryptocurrency. It presented the bitcoin price, trying a bounce-back towards $12,000 from a so-called “minor support” level. However, a protracted move to the downside took the rate to an area named “better support.” The range lay in the mid of $10,265 & $9,802.

“Personally, I would only consider once the market touches around $10,200, followed by a change of structure,” the analyst added. “Only then I will buy on the pullback with a target of at least 2:1 risk-reward.

He additionally stated that a pullback move might not necessarily end the bull market. Bitcoin may keep growing higher towards $12,000 or beyond. The strategy is only about noticing the change in short-term bias to secure temporary gains. Bitcoin holds a long history of posting 30-40 percent bearish corrections after every parabolic move to the upside. Further analysts also see the cryptocurrency keeping up with its previous trends, particularly given the higher bids for safe-haven assets in contradiction of a falling US dollar & bond yields.

Lark Davis, a cryptocurrency analyst, held:

“Selling your BTC now on a 13% pullback is like selling on the red circle on this chart. Insane gains are coming, don’t get shaken out.

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