British fintech is probable to expand banking services to benefit the Indian crypto customers.

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London-based banking company Cashaa will introduction a crypto-friendly neo-bank in India

An online banking platform in London Cashaa is preparing to establish a crypto-friendly neobank — or internet bank — in India.

Kuman Gaurav, the founder of Cashaa, said that Cointelegraph that Cashaa India will authorize Indian businesses and individuals and participants to open a savings account with that individual and buy, store preserve and cryptocurrencies merely like any another financial instrument.

“For loaning, we will add on crypto-assets class unitedly with gold and real estate as collateral,” he said.

Gaurav clarified the demand for a crypto-friendly bank in India, stating that most Indian banks are unwilling to provide banking services to the crypto users. Cashaa India, he adds on, will be the first registered bank to permit deposits and withdrawals of cryptocurrencies merely like it is today for the Indian rupee.

Cashaa has provided B2B banking services to the highest degree of the major Indian cryptocurrency companies. The starting of the neo bank would let the platform widened it’s crypto and banking services to individual persons as well.

Cashaa presently received clear chit from regulators to function as a crypto-friendly internet banking platform all over the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States. The company purposes to begin operating the banking platform with aid for the euro, British pound and U.S. dollar in this year by December.

Gaurav told that Cashaa will on initial stage start providing its banking services to Indian cooperatives and will start its full-fledged services in the next year. The company’s eye is on “three key states” in India, from where it is planning to widen all over the country.

Contemplating on the regulations in India, Gaurav told that the fintech regulations in the country are yet evolving. He said that is the reason for financial scams using one-time passwords and phishing ideas are so hard to restrict.

He further adds on that the Indian government and financial institutions very well know about the potential of cryptocurrencies, and there has been no denotation from the government around a possible ban on cryptos. The reports of the imminent ban on crypto in India by media openings have only been hypothetical stories, he highlighted, adding that regulations will most likely not be an obstacle for Cashaa India to proposal crypto services to its users.


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